The top four responsibilities of a great wine list

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What's the the most important job of a wine list?
As Denver's restaurant scene contunues its evolution into one that can compete with more widely-known culinary meccas, the wine programs at some of the city's top eateries have tightened up their game significantly, too. That's great news, right?

Trouble is, one foodie's wine list nirvana can be perceived as another's -- particularly one who's not exactly an oenophile -- nightmare. This very notion has sparked quite a debate in the wine media over the past few weeks, spawned in part by a piece from New York Post dining critic Steve Cuozzo, who laments the rise of "esoteric or pretentious lists [that] leave you stumped over what to order." Responses to his rant ranged essentially from "Right on, brother!" to "God forbid a wine list should have a point of view." So who's right? Turn the page for our take on the latest chapter in this little wine list drama.

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thanks @TheSqueakyBean for having such a cool-ass list. miss you guys!

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