Udi's Colfax Pizza Bar taking over the former Encore space

In addition to pizzas, Udi's will serve sandwiches and burgers, as well as Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine, much of which will be vegetarian. "My uncle Doron Baron lives in Israel, but he's been commuting to Denver to collaborate on the menu with Robin, and with him here, we're going to try to incorporate a lot more of the food we grew up with, and much of it will be vegetable-centric," says Etai.

The new Udi's will also feature a fresh-juice bar -- an attribute that none of the other Udi's has. "Robin has been working on a great fresh-juice concept, which will also pump up our bar program," notes Etai, adding that the bar will pour ten beers, along with keg wines and cocktails, which will be mixed with the fresh-squeezed juices.

And the patio, which was always a popular gathering place at Encore for cocktail consumption, is being expanded to include seating on the north side, facing Colfax. "We're super-excited about that, and we're excited, too, about opening in a great part of Denver," says Etai. "That area of Colfax has been going through a renaissance for the past few years, and we're looking forward to branching out from the suburbs and playing in the big kids' sandbox."

When Udi's Colfax Pizza Bar opens, it will serve lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, and down the line, says Etai, breakfast will be added.

Location Info

Silvi's Kitchen - CLOSED

2550 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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