Reader: Andrew Knowlton seriously needs to wash his hair

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Pinche Taqueria has much more than tacos.
We named Pinche Taqueria the Best New Restaurant in the Best of Denver 2012, and Bon Appetit agrees; in his list of the country's fifty best new restaurants, restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton names Pinche, as well as Linger and Pizzeria Locale (even though the latter is not so new)...

But readers have other quibbles with Knowlton. Says Denver Dave:

Andrew Knowlton is a self-possessed know-it-all. Ever catch him when he was judging Iron Chef? Total jerk off -- who seriously needs to wash his hair. I have no problem with LInger, Pinche or Pizzeria Locale but are we seriously saying that they are among the 50 top new restaurants in the U.S.? Give me a break.

Forget the rest of the country -- what do you think are the best new restaurants in metro Denver? Post your suggestions below.

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