Zanitas Mexican is open for business in Boulder

Zanitas Facebook page
Zanitas Mexican -- a fast-casual Mexican joint -- finally opened Wednesday at 1370 College Avenue on the Hill in Boulder.

Zanitas says it hopes to stand out in the world of fast-casual dining -- T|ACO, anyone? -- with a "chef-inspired" menu featuring tacos topped with mac and cheese, grilled burritos and "unadulterated margaritas."

Zanitas is now open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. -- although hours may get stretched to accommodate an anticipated late-night crowd once University of Colorado students are back in town.

And in the meantime, lucky customers who visit the spot soon will be treated to free samples of certain menu items: queso dip that "mysteriously loses the unwanted fat," guacamole and deep-fried (yes, fried) chocolate chip cookies with a vanilla pudding dipping sauce.

Visit Zanitas Facebook page for more details.

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Zanitas - CLOSED

1370 College Ave., Boulder, CO

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What is a "chef-inspired" menu?  Is that like watching iron Chef on the Food Network and trying to emulate Bobby Flay and Michael Symon?  If a chef (whatever that means) developed the menu, say so, if not, well, not sure what confidence "chef inspired" is supposed to, ahem, inspire.

Mantonat topcommenter

"queso dip that "mysteriously loses the unwanted fat..."

There's such a thing as unwanted fat?


I love that they're trying to shake up the standard fast-cas burrito model with grilled burritos, mac and cheese tacos, fried cookies w/pudding dip (that last one sounds especially awesome), and such.  Boulder is developing a glut of "me too" restaurants that just copy other successful places in town, usually with diminishing returns, so I'm all for some creativity.  Hopefully the quality lives up to the concept and the prices don't keep the masses away.

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