Reader: Is there industrial solvent in the Chubby's green chile?

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Green chile-smothered cheese fries from Chubby's.
When Stella Cordova passed away three years ago, did she take her green chile recipe with her? That's what one reader thinks, and another suggest thats no matter which member of the Cordova family is making the green chile, no matter where he or she might be making it, the chile is more mean than green.

Says peegee303:

Their chile has NEVER warranted as much conversation as it has generated. There are about 40 other restaurants in town peddling a superior version of green chile sauce. My mom would tell people that if your chile tastes like Chubby's "then you screwed up somewhere along the line".

I personally believe that they use some industrial solvent in their chile, which is responsible for the gut-wrecking, Dante-inspired feeling I get only after eating Chubby's chile.

Okay, if the original Chubby's doesn't have great green chile -- who does? Post your suggestions below.

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Well, I would challenge ybarcewski to a green chile cook off because mine is the best - says the Santa Fe native.  But, having said that I am not a fan of Chubby's or Santiago's.  I like La Loma the best and you can't beat those house made tortillas to mop it up.


Who has the best chili?  My pork green chili is the best.

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