Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern arrives in Denver this weekend for an adventurous romp of eating

But the dinner at Parallel Seventeen, he says, will be the "most unforgettable event ever." And if the menu, which Nguyen created, is any indication, then Zimmern and everyone else who snags a seat are in for the meal of their lives.

"I host these dinners for Jon's group once a year, and it's always a great opportunity to do some things that we'd never do in the restaurant," says Nguyen, adding that she plays around with different ingredients at each dinner. "They're presented in a way that's appealing to people's palates, and the items, which are all safe and FDA-approved, are from local Asian farmers and markets, she adds, noting, too, that she's spending some time with Zimmern this weekend journeying through New Saigon Market.

"I'm really excited about this menu, which is on-point with everything I've done before, except that I'm using different ingredients" -- ingredients like pork uterus, fermented soybean and ant larvae, she points out.

The dinner, which is $125 per person, including wine and cocktail pairings, is sold out, but if you want to add your name to the wait list, you can call Parallel Seventeen at 303-399-0988.

And here's a look at the menu and pairings:

• Ant larvae beignets with a kaffir lime sauce
o Scharffenberger Cellars Brut Excellence, NV

• Jellyfish salad, Granny Smith apples and sansho buttons
o Mui ne nule with Van Gogh blue vodka

• Goat agnolotti, chrysanthemum, ricotta salata, lemon basil oil
o Bila Haut Rose, NV

• Tom yum taley with pork uterus, baby octopus, baby water crabs
o Nigori sSake cocktail with basil seed caviar

• Fermented soybean spring rolls, hot mustard
o Asian Manhattan with Buffalo Trace bourbon and pickled plums

• Confit of duck tongue, corn flan, kasu sake lees
o Chateau des Jacques, Moulin- a-Vent

• Coq au vin with silkie chicken, toriashi, puff ball, bailing and king trumpet mushrooms and Chinese red dates
o Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Reserva

• Coconut caterpillar torte, pandan ice cream

Location Info

Parallel Seventeen - CLOSED

1600 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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