Six lovely bubbly-based cocktails

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Our favorite bubbly-based cocktail? The classic French 75.
If you're anything like us, then at times your veins may seem to be pumping pure bubbly. But if you're not, then we reckon there are at least two guaranteed occasions upon which you find yourself consuming drinks made with sparkling wine: Sunday brunch and New Year's Eve.

It's almost as if under those circumstances one will look at you cross-eyed for imbibing a beverage that's relegated by many to special occasion status (um, if brunch qualifies as "special"). But since we're still just under 120 days away from singing "Auld Lang Syne," we thought we'd let you in on a little secret: Champagne makes for some damn tasty libations, the likes of which you've probably never even heard of. And let's face it -- even as much as we worship at the altar of all things bubbly, sometimes what's called for after a rough week at the office is a cocktail, plain and simple. With these six concoctions, we can have the best of both worlds -- and you can, too.

Before we dive into these bubbly-based bevvies, let's pause for a minute to talk a bit more about the sparklers in question: There's absolutely no need to bust out the good stuff here. In fact, each of these drinks has the remarkable ability to elevate even that highly unfortunate bottle you were hostess-gifted with at your last dinner party into a truly delectable drink. So with that preamble, read on for a list of our current bubbly-based cocktail obsessions -- some inspired classics, some a bit more modern, but all absolutely perfect for sipping now.

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You didn't tell us how to make all of them!


@swirlgirldenver yummmm! I want these...right now! Cheers!

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