After 28 years, Cherokee Dining on 12th Avenue will close on October 14

The memories, she says -- of Christmas, of customers and of the staff -- are "epic." Her brother, for example, was married at the Cherokee. "We turned this place into a little wedding chapel," recollects Mikdad. And one of her stalwart servers met his girlfriend -- now wife -- at the restaurant. "A lot of people I know had first dates at this restaurant and then wound up getting married. That's pretty cool."

And several of those happy couples, she hopes, will take time for one last hurrah, when the Cherokee hosts a party, open to the public, on the evening of October 14, following the final brunch service, which goes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. "Brunch is really popular here, so we'll do that one last time, close for a few hours and then reopen at 5 for a party," she says, noting that several former employees, along with the entire family, including her mother, who officially retired ten years ago, will be in attendance. "We just want people to get together, have a good time, share stories of what this place meant to them and make a great lasting memory of 28 amazing years."

Twenty-eight years. That's a long time in the restaurant business, and while Mikdad says she has no idea what she'll do after the Cherokee closes, she'll remember, fondly, the last three decades of running the restaurant, where she's also the kitchen manager. "This place has been my life. I raised my three kids in this building. I can't look back with any regrets," she insists. "We've undoubtedly made 100 mistakes along the way, but we've also had just as many accomplishments."

And, yes, the space has been sold -- and we'll share that part of the story soon -- but right now, this is the Cherokee's day to shine in the sun.


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Cherokee Dining on 12th Avenue - CLOSED

1201 Cherokee St., Denver, CO

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Jeez, every old time place closing all of a sudden?  The story about the old man made me sadder than hearing about Pagliacci's

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