Five of the most annoying wine trends we've seen on TV

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Wine drinking on TV should be great -- except for when it isn't.
Seems like no matter what channel we tune into lately, we've spotted a character or two drinking wine. Which is something you'd think we'd applaud -- if the wine-related antics on the particular handful of shows we stumbled upon hadn't ranged from mildly annoying to downright depressing.

But before we unleash a rant on the decidedly less-than-classy side of wine drinking on TV, some good news: Wine's increasing presence on network and cable television shows alike means it's finally shedding its reputation as a beverage consumed principally by middle-aged white guys wearing elbow-patched blazers. Plus, we can't help but toast the fact that this new generation of wine-loving characters appears to enjoy quaffing red, white, pink and -- most encouraging of all -- bubbly, in nearly equal proportions. So if society's tendency to mimic the alcohol-guzzling behavior of characters they identify with continues to hold up (remember back in the '90s when you couldn't swing a Fendi baguette without hitting someone sipping a Cosmopolitan?), this bump in both wine-drinking frequency and variety is basically positive. After all, we are nothing if not in favor of encouraging the world to drink more (and better) wine. The downside? Some of the wine world's most enduring stereotypes continue to be reinforced by what we'll refer to as some "less than evolved" television players. Here's what we'd like to see a lot less of when it comes to wine drinking on the small screen:

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@sixfeetofsnow miss your face, girl. and we are looong overdue for some wine drinking shenanigans of our own.


always happy to give you a reason to giggle, @datingdad. :)

davebarnes topcommenter

I would like to see people actually DRINK wine on TV.

I watch a lot of "house porn tv" and they never actually suck some down. It just sits there.


Hi @swirlgirldenver #4 is scary! What's not is my "Napa Killer Cabs that Care" '06 Signum & '05 Caldwell Vyds

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