Food & Wine magazine names Williams & Graham one of the Top 10 Best New Bars in the U.S.

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Lori Midson

Barman Sean Kenyon, who occasionally pens a booze-centric column for Westword but spends the majority of his time designing -- and pouring -- innovative cocktails at the Squeaky Bean and Williams & Graham, received a major kiss-up shout-out in Food & Wine magazine, which just released its list of the Top 10 Best New Bars in the U.S.

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The glossy food pub, renowned for its annual round-ups of the best food- and wine-related trends in the country, relied on equally renowned mixologist Jim Meehan, who owns PDT, a speakeasy in New York City, to choose his favorite bar newcomers in the country, and Williams & Graham, the sultry speakeasy in Highland, received warm and fuzzy accolades -- and it's clear that Meehan, who visited Denver in April, believes what those of us who live here already know: Kenyon is a world-class bartender.

Here's what Meehan had to say:

Sean Kenyon is just killing it," Meehan says approvingly. "And he's successfully figured out the hidden entrance scenario." To enter Williams & Graham, drinkers walk through a faux bookstore and past a bookcase into the dark, sexy space. Cocktails include the regionally appropriate Smoky Mountain (a mix of local honey vodka and mezcal).

Nice work, Kenyon.

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Williams & Graham

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Love W&G, the Food and Wine honors and the write up but this list came out mid August. 

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