Four fall-worthy red wines to fall in love with

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What makes a red wine fall -- or should we say, fall in love -- worthy? Given the record-setting quantities of rosé we consumed over the past few months, you might assume that getting us to loosen our death grip on pink wines would equal a Herculean feat.

In reality, we relish the changing of the seasons -- after all, the drop in temperatures opens the door to a whole new category of bottles to savor between now and Christmas. The best kinds of fall wines are neither too light nor too heavy; we're not quite ready for the jammier shiraz and zinfandels we'll be reaching for once the snowflakes really start flying. Instead, these cool weather reds are slightly more intellectual -- they satisfy our craving for fuller-bodied wines while delivering an element of the unusual; plenty of hard-core fruit backed by mouthwatering acidity, or bold, spicy numbers that are balanced enough to enjoy sans food. Turn the page to discover four bottles that will surprise and delight you -- and definitely keep you cozy while you watch the leaves turn colors.

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ooh, jealous @kirbym123! i'm just leaving the office now...planning to dive headfirst into a glass of something immediately. #cranky


@swirlgirldenver where would you suggest having a glass of those great fall wines?

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