Photos: Zocalo is now open on South Broadway

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All photos by Elyse Mitchell.

The Vargas family is officially opening their second Zocalo Restaurant and Bar today -- three miles south of the original Zocalo . Although this new location is currently semi-blocked by the South Broadway construction project, that's scheduled for completion at the end of October -- and in the meantime, the family is confident that fans will find their way to the restaurant.

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Location is important in the restaurant business, and this particular one has swallowed up many restaurants, most recently El Olvida and, before that Hades, the Broadway Grill and several others.

But Zocalo manager Rafael Vargas isn't worried about history. "I think it's a great location," he says. "I think it has great potential with the people of the Washington Park area and [University of Denver], and all the traffic on Broadway and Evans." Especially once all that traffic is again flowing smoothly.

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Location Info

Zocalo - CLOSED

2200 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Zocalo Restaurant & Bar - CLOSED

12 E. 11th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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