Chef Mark Fischer on treating knives badly, pussies and unicorns

Weirdest customer request: The guest who asked us to cook his pasta in Evian water.

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Pig uterus, or maybe sea cucumber belly...or maybe horse-tongue sashimi. We Americans think we've got this nose-to-tail thing dialed in, but relative to other cultures, we're pussies.

What's your dream restaurant? I've already had a few...those places where you look forward to spending all your time and see things come together in ways you might never have imagined possible.

What do you have in the pipeline? If you're not in a state of growth, you're in a state of attrition. I'm not quite ready to ponder the implications of my impending rot, but achieving some sense of balance would be nice. I think that we need to hold ourselves to a high accountability, don't believe the press, and realize that we're only as good as our last dish. We just need to keep pushing to get better every day and stay as humble as we can.

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689 Main St., Carbondale, CO

Category: Restaurant

Phat Thai - CLOSED

2900 E. 2nd Ave., Denver, CO

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