Reader: Maybe LoDo got lucky with Lucky Pie -- Louisville didn't

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Mark Manger
White "zucca" pizza at Lucky Pie.
Gretchen Kurtz had good luck with the pizzas at Lucky Pie Pizza & Tap House, which opened this past winter in (part of) the former home of Dixons and is reviewed this week. But a diner who's eaten at the Lucky Pie in Louisville wasn't as impressed with the cheesy original.

Says monopod:

Interesting, the pizza in the picture looks nothing whatsoever like the pies I've had at Lucky Pie's Louisville location. Those pies are flat, a bit greasy, very chewy and have (in my opinion) way too much cheese applied, to the point where it glops off onto the plate when you pick up a slice. Not terrible - they seem to be trying, and the ingredients are good - but I just can't get enthusiastic about them. I also found their "roasted vegetable plate" to be pretty insulting -- something like $10 for barely-cooked bell peppers and red onion, with a scant couple of pieces of still-chewy fennel. Maybe the Lodo location has these execution issues better worked out.

Did LoDo get lucky with Lucky Pie, even if Louisville didn't? Post your thoughts below.

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Lucky Pie Pizza & Taphouse

637 Front St., Louisville, CO

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Lucky Pie Pizza & Tap House

1610 16th St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Given all the people who seem to love Lucky Pie's pies, I went back again (fourth visit) last Friday to the Louisville location and had a MUCH better experience.  The atmosphere and beers were awesome as always, but the food was much improved.  I'm thinking maybe I just chose my orders better - we got a Popeye (spinach) pie and another one that had pancetta and arugula, and both had crusts with a nice balance of chew and crunch and a good balance of toppings (though they did bring us the wrong pizzas the first time around).  For openers we stuck with the cheese and meat plates and they were very tasty.  (I saw a roasted veggie plate go by and it still looked pretty disappointing, so I'm gonna steer clear of that one in the future.)


So, consider this my mea culpa - maybe they're just uneven or maybe they've worked out some kinks, but we had great pie in Louisville this time and I look forward to going back.  Fourth time was the charm, I guess.


I'm glad they got reviewed, they deserve the good review because the place is awesome.  I like the basic cheech pizza with house smoked mozz. 


Maybe Monopod has spent to much time at Little Caesar's Pizza University or would prefer crumbled tofu vs cheese on their pizza.  We've been to the Lucky Pie in Louisville countless times and the pizza there DOES look like the picture.  Who doesn't want pizza with some cheese?  At LP, the balance is perfect and they don't skimp on any ingredients.  And that crust, best in town.  Maybe Monopod should just stop by their local Domino's for they're idea of premium pizza.  And....just try going to the Lousville Lucky Pie anytime after 5PM most nights and you'll be waiting to get in the door. Espeically once winter sets in and the patio closes.  80% of the time you can't even park in their parking lot.  All those people can't be wrong about the pizza at Lucky Pie.


 @Kdenver First off: I'm a total pizza geek and I love ALL styles of pizza - neopolitan, NY, New Haven, Chicago deep dish, California, grandma-style, bar pies, New England Greek, etc. - as long as they're well executed.  I've made special trips to Phoenix for Chris Bianco's pizza, I've driven to New Haven for Sally's and Pepe's, and I'm planning time to hit up some of the deep-dish greats in Chicago next month.  I've spent years working on my homemade pizza dough recipe and cooking methods (hint: try the Lodge cast iron pizza pan, it holds heat better than any pizza stone and won't break).  Pizza is inherently subjective, and your opinion is as valid as mine, but please don't assume I have no basis for my opinions.


I think I understand what Lucky Pie is going for (kind of a hybrid NY-neopolitan style, but heavier on the toppings), but in three visits to Louisville I've never felt they got it quite right.  The last visit, even my wife (who is not nearly as picky as I am with pizza) was unhappy with the amount of cheese on our sausage pie.  Seriously, it was falling off in globs onto the plate.  I like cheese as much as anyone, but it's all about balance and in this case it combined with the oil from the sausage to create just a mess.  We both agreed - along with another couple we were with - that we really WANT to like these pies, and they're ALMOST there, but they just missed the boat for us.  Also, I love the look of the crust in the pic, but in my last couple of visits the outer crust was barely puffy at all and was chewy enough that most people at my table left the "bones" on their plates.  It wasn't bad pizza - certainly better than any of the chains - but it wasn't as good as it should be, given the ingredients and the effort they're clearly putting in.  I think most of my complaints were failures of execution, not concept.


Second, are you really implying we should judge a restaurant by how crowded it is?  In that case, Cheesecake Factory on 16th Street in Denver is clearly the best restaurant around.  And Pasta Jay's in Boulder is the best Italian in town, no question.  The fact that it's crowded says nothing about the food - there are a ton of other reasons restaurants can be popular.  Lucky Pie in L-ville has a great location, fabulous patio, nice vibe, spectacular ice cream next door (Sweet Cow), it's very kid-friendly... I certainly understand why it's crowded.  That doesn't tell me anything one way or another about the pies.


But let me emphasize once again what I said in my original comment - I WANT to like them!  I do!  They use good ingredients, they seem passionate, I love the ideas.  I just wish the execution in Louisville was up to snuff with this review (and I still think the roasted veggie plate is a travesty).   Maybe I've just had bad luck there in the past.  And I'll probably go again, since I do like the vibe there and want to like the food.


 @monopod  @Kdenver Wow, people are STILL buying into the Pasta Jay's BS?  That place was awful 20+ years ago.  Its only fame seemed to come from being a big sponsor of the CU football team.


I found its popularity crazy when i was in school in Boulder.  You could do way better with a box and a jar at home, and Louisville wasn't that far away.


But considering the level of food now in Boulder, this is even more crazy.  maybe many are too high end for students and those on a modest budget.  But if I am going more budget, I would eat Abo's pizza over PJ's abominable food every time.

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