Original Pasquini's launching new look, logo and happy-hour menu

More than 25 years ago, the Pasquini family opened their first restaurant, Pasquini's Pizzeria, on South Broadway. Today that location is in the hands of Melinda Pasquini, and she's in the process of changing the look of the restaurant, changing the logo and remodeling the exterior to look like a building straight out of the family's hometown of Lanciano, Italy. She'll also launch an Italian vacation-inspired happy-hour menu September 17.

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Melinda Pasquini took over the Broadway restaurant in 2004, when she bought it from her brother, Tony. "It had been a family restaurant and had been their blood, sweat and tears for so many years," says Tera Haselden, a spokeswoman for Melinda Pasquini. "And she just wanted to make sure that it stayed within their family and obviously had a passion for it and wanted to carry on."

Although many other restaurants around town bear the Pasquini name, this location is no longer related to any of them. "Melinda has chosen to remain independent because she just felt like the focus of the restaurant was on the customers and the quality of food that they were serving, more so than on becoming a big, widely known chain in Denver," Haselden explains.

In order to avoid confusion, Tony Pasquini recently changed the name of his new restaurant in Cherry Creek to Tony P's. "There were some family reasons behind the name change," Haselden admits. "Family businesses are certainly difficult."

Buildings in Lanciano, Italy.
Melinda was recently married in Lanciano, and the look of that town inspired the direction of the exterior remodel that will be done this fall. That theme will also be reflected in new happy-hour offerings.

"Melinda's father lives in Italy and grew up there, so they did [the wedding] back in his home town," Haselden says. "They're doing an Italian vacation-inspired cocktail and happy-hour menu, so they're doing dessert plates and appetizers that are native recipes to the area. They're doing Italian-themed drinks and they're really focusing on the sort of fun, fruity, flavorful cocktails -- martinis, bellinis, things like that." Among the new offerings: a Dulce de Leche Martini and a Lemoncello Bellini.

Look for that new menu to roll out next week.

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What can I say?!  I have been going to Pasquini's on Broadway since 2001, when I was grad student at the University of Denver.  Great place!  Love the Calzones and Pizza.  I agree with meijunlu... the breadsticks are AMAZING and can be a meal all on their own!  Worth the short drive down Broadway.  The area is getting revitalized and renovated which makes for great window shopping in the area after dinner.


Pasquinis!! I try to wrangle my friends together to meet down at the original Pasquinis on South Broadway whenever I can. The food is great - be careful of the bread sticks -they are addictive and then you won't have room for the food. Writing this just makes me want to head down there to eat and have some vino.


I love the Original Pasquini's! I have been going there for years. My 15 yo is so addicted to the meatballs we drive from Parker at least once a month just so he can get his fill. I personally LOVE the pizza and the desserts (but then again I am a carbivore). I will absolutely check out the new happy hour, the lemoncello bellini sounds intriguing!

davebarnes topcommenter

Hopefully, she will teach her waiters how to serve wine.

The last time I ordered white wine at Pasquini's it was initially served at 80°F.

I was horrified. The waitress said: "they will not teach us how to serve wine".


 @davebarnes Dave, 

I am sorry to hear about your experience. I can say that we train our servers on our wines and food pairings. I can only assume that the server had not completed her training. We do keep our white wines chilled so I do not understand how you were served a room temperature bottle.


If you would like to contact me of post I would like to get some more specifics on your experience so I can fix any issues. 




Thank You

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