Reader: Original Pasquini's needs more than a new look

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Pasquini's has gone through many changes since Tony Pasquini opened the first restaurant at 1310 South Broadway 25 years ago. While his sister, Melinda Pasquini, took over the original spot in 2004, Tony went on to open more restaurants and also franchise other efforts. There have been some bumps along the way, though, and he wound up pulling Pasquini's back from any franchisees. After opening a restaurant in Cherry Creek that's now called Tony P's, he's finishing a new Pasquini's on 17th Avenue, while Melinda is giving the original Pasquini's a whole new look.

But that may not be all it needs.

Says DaveBarnes:

Hopefully, she will teach her waiters how to serve wine.

The last time I ordered white wine at Pasquini's it was initially served at 80°F.

I was horrified. The waitress said: "they will not teach us how to serve wine".

What's been your experience at Pasquini's? Any Pasquini's outlet?

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Pasquini's Pizzeria

1310 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

IMO - most Denver wine drinkers and servers don't drink or serve wine at the proper temperature.  Reds are served too warm and whites too cold in most places.


You wouldn't think one would need to be "taught" not to serve white wine at room temp.


Dave, I'm so sorry that this was your experience at Pasquini's on Broadway.  I'd like to offer you and anyone else who mentions this blog, a free glass of lightly chilled white wine, red wine or a draft beer at any of the restaurants that I operate - Tony P's in Cherry Creek, Pasquini's Lower Highland, and Pasquini's Lone Tree. We'll honor this until this Sunday September 16th.  Limit one per customer.  Thanks so much for caring.


Tony Pasquini

davebarnes topcommenter

 @Jeff 1. Warmer than room temp. It was almost hot.

2. Not everyone grows up knowing about wine. My impression of the waitress was that she knew nothing about wine.

3. I specifically asked her about what training they had on wine.

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