Reader: Boot the graphic designer who does the signage for BW Holdings

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Gaetano's unveiled its new look Saturday.
Open the door of the newly renovated Gaetano's, Lori Midson reports, and you'll see many familiar sights. The bar. The naked lady. The plates of pasta. It looks familiar, but better -- once you're through the door, that is.

But the sign over that door?

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That's a problem, says Tim S, who otherwise thinks the Gaetano's facelift is...

Not bad. Let's hope the new shines wears off and it ages gracefully. But I would boot the graphic artist or the out-over-their-skis secretary, wife or unemployed brother-in-law who designs signage for BW Holdings during these remodels. This one, Wazee, and Ghost are atrocious. If you feel the need to piss on the building to mark your new territory, fine -- but at least pay homage to these charming old structures with something better than clip-art and a kooky font.

Here's the look the Wazee unveiled this summer. What do you think of the signs? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.


Location Info

Gaetano's Restaurant

3760 Tejon St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Wazee Supper Club

1600 15th St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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I don't mind the Ghost sign as much (don't love it though). The other two are terrible. I don't know if this is a graphic design issue or a zoning (city) requirement, but I really hope they are changed. These signs turn classic restaurants/buildings into a cartoon. And not in a good way. 


The Gaetano's sign manages to be worse than the Wazee sign, which is an impressive feat. How bad is the Ghost signage? Is it in Comics San font?

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