Amy Vitale serves up the recipe for Tables' Garden Mint Ice Cream

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Mark Manger
Amy Vitale and Dustin Barrett at Tables.
Amy Vitale, co-owner of Tables, which I review this week, knows how to use a whisk, sauté pan and chef's knife. But as it turns out, this talented chef has quite a green thumb, too. In the backyard garden of the Park Hill home she shares with Tables co-owner, chef and spouse Dustin Barrett, Vitale has nurtured peaches, apples, zucchini, rhubarb, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, beets and herbs -- all of which have found their way onto the restaurant's menu.

"We try to do as much as possible," says Vitale, who hopes to add a greenhouse and "greenroof" atop their garage so they can grow even more.

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Here is her recipe for Tables' Garden Mint Ice Cream, which is sure to please both gardeners (because it uses so much mint!) and dessert-lovers alike.

Tables' Garden Mint Ice Cream
Recipe from Amy Vitale, Tables

1/3 quart plus 1 cup mint, cut into chiffonade (thin slices) and loosely packed
1 ½ quarts milk
1 ¾ quarts cream
3 cups sugar
2 ¾ cups egg yolks

Whisk the mint, milk, cream and sugar over high heat until sugar dissolves, then stir every few minutes until the mixture comes to a simmer. Reduce heat to low. Whisk the egg yolks, off heat, in a bowl. Adding one cup of hot cream at a time, pour cream into yolks and stir well, then add another cup and so on, until you have used half the cream. Add this egg-cream mixture back to the pot and cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly, until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. Pour into a rondeau pan or stock pot set in an ice bath and cool completely. Store in the refrigerator overnight. When ready to prepare, strain out the mint, then fill a 4-quart ice cream mixer three-quarters full and mix for 25 minutes. Scoop into a separate container and fold in the remaining 1 cup mint.

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Not to pile on (well, actually, maybe) but when they were a simple sandwich shop in the neighborhood (ready, AWESOME!!) there were days when she would just be a raging lunatic in there.  Dustin was always nice, smiling, but she had a huge negative angry energy about every time I would go in there.  After they went dinner only, we tried it a couple of times and it was the same.  Haven't been back since - not even a consideration when we think about dinner options.


There is no doubt this duo has some talent on the burners. However, their treatment of their employees is legendary in town. This woman is cray cray and her hubby enables it. They can't keep staff as their constant ads on Craigslist would indicate.  We used to live in the neighborhood and would eat here on occasion , until friends in the industry informed us of their borderline cruel treatment of staff and sometimes rude treatment of customers. Having a staff walk on egg shells does not make for a happy work environment and doesn't deserve my dollars. Soon they are not going get anyone to work for them. They need to clean up their act and treat others like they themselves would want to be treated. Or perhaps, get out of the business. They need to learn to play "well with others" themselves.  It's unfortunate because their food has been good in the past and had some truly fantastic staff.  Sad they could not  hold on to them.  The love one puts out in the world shows in the food put out to the public. Not much love at Tables. 


It's just too bad that she can be so frigging grumpy.  Makes one scared to even walk through the door for fear that you get glared at for wanting to spend your money with her...

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