Reader: Cherry Creek North is becoming a food court in any mall USA

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The Denver dining scene lost two long-time restaurants this weekend. Longo's Subway Tavern poured its last beer -- for now -- on West 38th Avenue; after 52 years, the Longo family sold the circa late 1800s building to Larimer Associates, and although COO Joe Vostrejs says they're not yet sure what they'll do with the space, they know that it will continue to be a neighborhood spot that preserves as much as the old-time charm as possible.

But that's not the case with Rodney's, which Rodney Utz ran for almost three decades in Cherry Creek.

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- Rodney's, a Cherry Creek institution, will close this weekend.
- Longo's Subway Tavern reaches the end of the line Sunday

The property housing the restaurant has been purchased, and will be replaced by yet another mega-retail/housing complex.

Says Denver Dave:

That's a shame but not surprising. Property owners in CCN won't be happy until they've eliminated any semblance of independent restaurants in the area and replaced them with chains. CCN is just becoming another food court in any mall USA.

Cherry Creek was once Denver's cutting-edge restaurant neighborhood. Can this area's dining scene be saved? And if so, how?

Location Info

Rodney's - CLOSED

2819 E. 2nd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Subway Tavern & Pizzeria Longo - CLOSED

3759 Lipan St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I agree with DD123. There is also a new pizza restaurant, famous from the Bay Area called Patxi opening. Not sure if it's good but it's not a chain. Also, Machete is killing it!! Yes, Rodney's had a good run but now it's over and others will come along and shine.


Denver Dave needs to look around CCN a little more closely.  There are a bunch of new independent restaurants that have just opened in the neighborhood such as Machete, Marg's, La Merise, the Hawt Dawg (sp?), Tony P.'s, Phat Thai and the new Creole place on Steele.  While it CCN not necessarily a destination restaurant neighborhood, the closing of Rodney's signals nothing except that it was time for it to go.  It was a horrible space that often smelled and the food was not that great.  

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