Crazy Asian Cafe will reopen as Spicy Ginger Asian Bistro

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Crazy Asian Cafe, 290 South Downing Street, has been closed for weeks for what the restaurant's voicemail message calls "a remodel."

But in reality, the space has been bought by the owners of Sweet Ginger in Cherry Creek, and will reopen as Spicy Ginger Asian Bistro.

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The new signage is up, as is the website, which features the menu and hints at a grand opening coming soon.

According to an employee at Sweet Ginger, the doors to Spicy Ginger might open as early as this weekend. Call 303-996-7270 for more information.

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Spicy Ginger Asian Bistro

290 S. Downing St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro & Sushi

2710 E. 3rd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Have tried it twice since it reopened.  Very disappointed.  Crazy Asian used to deliver crazy fast.  Delivery from Spicy Ginger is unforgiveably slow - I could have driven to a restaurant, waited for a table, eaten my entree, enjoyed coffee and dessert, and driven back to my office all in the time it has taken for my orders to be delivered.  Agree with previous commenter: don't bother.


Just ordered deliver from this new restaurant. Very disappointed. I ordered my usual Sesame Tofu and Crab Ragoons and they were nothing like Crazy Asian. The crab ragoons hardly had any filling. Also, they no longer take checks. Don't bother. 


why not relaunch as Lunatic Laotian Lounge, or the Insane Indonesian Eatery


Wow, let's have another Asian place with Spicy or Ginger in its name.  Can't wait to see how many people get confused and think this is another place instead.

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