The falafel truth: How will Shish Kabob Grill stack up?

Falafel at Shish Kabob Grill.
When you go to a restaurant you've never visited before, you never know quite what you'll find. Even if you've pulled up the menu on Yelp during the drive over, you're likely in for a surprise since those menus can be out of date. Middle Eastern restaurants are different, however. No matter where you go, it seems you find identical fare: hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, kabobs, etc.

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But just because restaurants are serving the same dishes doesn't mean the flavors are the same. (Sorry to state the obvious, but you never know who's triple-tasking and missed that last point.)

Mecca Grill, Phoenician Kabob, House of Kabob and Ya Hala Grill have all grabbed "Best Middle Eastern" honors in Westword's Best of Denver issues in recent years, and none of them whip up a batch of hummus or fry a ball of falafel quite the same way. I'd never tried Shish Kabob Grill, the 2011 winner, and decided it was time to see how that spot measures up.

Check back tomorrow for my review of Shish Kabob Grill.

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Shish Kabob Grill

1503 Grant St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Mantonat topcommenter

Hey, until you've been to Phoenicia, you really don't know Middle Eastern food. None of the Denver restaurants even come close; I haven't found anywhere that serves fertile crescent rolls like the ones I had in Byblos.

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