Fifteen non-Colorado breweries to try at GABF

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Colorado represents a huge part of the festivities inside the Great American Beer Festival, both because of the depth and breath of our state's brewing prowess and because we are the host state, so it is fitting - and easy - for our beer makers to represent. As a result, many Colorado residents who are familiar with the craft beer scene here will no doubt skip over the local brewery tables -- in favor of getting some strange. Here's a list of fifteen buzz-worthy out-of-state brewers. Some are old standbys that you have heard of. Some are just making a name for themselves now.

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San Diego County, California

This tiny brewery in the low mountains east of San Diego has made a name for itself with its beer -- especially the hoppy ones -- and its decision to stop selling growlers of one of its cult beers because people were re-selling them on the after-market. This year, Alpine teamed up with New Belgium to bottle Super India Pale Ale, making an Alpine product available in Colorado for the first time. But you should try their other stuff, too.


A surprise darling of the 2011 Great American Beer Festival, Destihl makes dozens of beers, of many different styles, but it really blew people away with a half a dozen or so sour beers it was pouring at the festival. Let's hope it has more this year.

New Glarus

The cherries. The raspberries. These guys only distribute in Wisconsin and it's likely to stay that way for a while, which is why people drive to that state to load up their trunks with bombers full of New Glarus's deliciously tart beers. The line at GABF will be long.

Bay Area, California

Well-known home brewer, author and beer judge Jamil Zainasheff opened his own brewery in 2011 and has had a lot of success with his flagship Evil Twin, which you'll want to try at the festival, along with Evil Cousin, Shallow Grave, Gramarye and Worry.


With just a few notable exceptions outside North Carolina, the South has been slow to take up the craft-beer movement and produce breweries with national buzz. But that is changing (see Cigar City, above) in a couple of states, including Tennessee, where Yazoo Brewing was born nine years ago and makes highly rated beers. Particularly cool is its Hop Project, a continuously changing IPA that is never made the same way twice.

Two Brothers
Chicago area, Illinois

Two Brothers is owned by, yes, two brothers with the last name of Ebel, and their Cane Is Ebel is simply one of the best rye beers I've ever had. But these guys have been making a lot of other stuff as well since 1996, and are worth checking out.

Three Floyd's

One of the most loved, most respected and most sought-after brands in the craft- brewing world, Three Floyd's always has a long line at GABF since the beers aren't available much outside the Midwest. While Dark Lloyd, a Russian Style Imperial Stout, is nearly as mythical as Santa Claus, other special beers like Alpha King, Zombie Dust, Dreadnaught and Gumballhead are more likely to make an appearance at the festival.

Four Peaks

Kilt Lifter is the beer that made this brewery famous for its hot-sun quenching abilities, but its Hop Knot and Motley Brue RyePA have also garnered attention and won medals.

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@lgsmash Nice, have some for me. I need to get it on it for next year!

Chad Hill
Chad Hill

lol, could easily rebrand that as "The Colorado DUI Factory". I must be old, Fat Tire is still my favorite.


@DrakesBrewery oh, we'll be stopping by for sure!

Tracy Rackauskas
Tracy Rackauskas

ALL OF THEM. Sorry, didn't mean to yell. I'm just really excited!!


Minor correction: Two Brothers is from from Illinois, not Pennsylvania.  Otherwise, great list!  I'd add Great Lakes to the list as well. 

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