Fleur Bistro closes its doors in Capitol Hill

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Almost two years after opening, Fleur Bistro officially closed its doors after brunch service yesterday. Today owner Andrew Esparza was packing up the tables and chairs. Despite a great Capitol Hill location, close to where he's lived for thirteen years, he says that business was slow and the restaurant just couldn't keep going.

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Fleur opened in January 2011 in a circa 1872 Victorian building that once housed the Maison de Fleur flower shop. "I think it's a very difficult space because there is no parking and no real kitchen. We cooked by electrical burner and that kind of slowed down the food process," says owner Andrew Esparza.

Fleur had served lunch and dinner, as well as a eekend brunch with bottomless drinks. In August, it had expanded hours to seven days a week to better serve the neighborhood "I think we got good support from the community for our brunch business, and we got at least medium sales for lunch. But we weren't getting any business for dinner and we just couldn't make it," Esparza explains.

Esparza is also the owner of Zydeco's in LoDo, which he says he plans to keep open as long as business keeps coming in. And he hasn't discarded the idea of opening another restaurant in the future.

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Fleur Bistro - CLOSED

1225 Logan St., Denver, CO

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Loved the idea and location, but the service wasn't even passable. Its not rocket science as to why it failed.

davebarnes topcommenter

Say what?: "We cooked by electrical burner and that kind of slowed down the food process,"

Add 100 amps of service and use induction "burners". Smoking.

Electrical is not the problem.

Incompetence is the problem.

Maria Barrios
Maria Barrios

Sorry to see it close. We went there for Valentine's Day and the food was very good :-)

Kimberly Jackson
Kimberly Jackson

Agree with Andrew (above). The space was lovely, but that location is tough in terms of getting a place to park...especially when yoga classes were going on down the block. Forget about it!!

Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman

Great building, but there was NEVER anyone eating there the few times I was there.

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