Four luscious white wines to savor now

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Think cooler weather means giving up white wines? Think again.
Last week, we introduced you to four uniquely delicious red wines that seemed as though they were destined for autumnal consumption from the day they were bottled. And while it's true that our seasonal wine cravings generally give the edge to reds over whites, there are a multitude of compelling reasons to drink white wines now -- the trick is in knowing that these are not just "any" white wines -- and in understanding that there are all kinds of fall dishes just clamoring to be paired with bottles that are a lighter shade of pale.

As with our picks for fall-ready reds, we're just as particular about the quality and style of the white wines we deem most lovable as the days grow shorter. Delicate bottles of pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc need not apply; for a white wine to qualify as fall-worthy, it's gotta have more body than Gisele Bündchen. Cooler weather whites must make up for what they lack in pigment by offering layers of stone fruit flavors, tongue-tingling (read: food friendly) acidity or region-specific minerality -- or even better, all of the above. Finally, let's not forget there's an even more straightforward argument to be made for falling for whites at this time of year: You (or your friends) are simply not into reds. Crazy though this may sound to you, it's more of a truism than you might imagine. Think white wines aren't worthy of your affection this fall? Think again.

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@livefromDarwin I don't drink white wine. You're not paying attention. Am currently eating ALL of the food. Colleagues fearful of me!

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