Free sausage biscuits at Carl's Jr. this morning!

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Remember Hardee's -- the fast-food stop with the oft-touted "Made from Scratch Biscuits?" It's okay if you don't, since Hardee's restaurants have yet to penetrate Colorado or the states to the west of us, so we only have Hardee's sloppy sibling, Carl's Jr., to pimp out Hardee's biscuits. And lucky for biscuit fans in Denver and Colorado Springs, Carl's Jr. is celebrating the debut of "Hardee's Made From Scratch Biscuits" at its stores by giving out freebies this morning during breakfast hours.

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Get me! For free!
Yes, today -- Wednesday, October 24 -- is Free Biscuit Day at all Carl's Jr. locations in the area, and dine-in breakfast customers can get a free sausage biscuit during breakfast hours only. Only one per customer, while supplies last -- in other words, no belated free biscuit sammies at lunchtime, no IOUs and no coupons for later. But doing the 'ol glasses and fake mustache trick may still work if you want to try to get more than one free biscuit sandwich.

These biscuits are made fresh every morning by actual employees, and they are delicious. While Carl's Jr.'s ads have focused on the sexiness of its big, sloppy burgers, maybe it's time for the biscuits to get equal billing -- with celebrities dropping greasy sausage nuggs and slippery bits of fried egg on themselves while making sexually suggestive poses.

Who should Carl's Jr. get to properly showcase the marketing viability of its biscuit sandwiches? My vote is for Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart. They lovingly feed each other sausage biscuits, sensually scraping crumbs across each other's necks....all the while with Stewart holding a McDonald's bag behind her back.

It's not her fault -- there are just so many biscuits in the world.

Find Colorado's Carl's Jr. locations here.

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This is untrue, re Hardee's lack o' penetration: Hardee's was a presence in Colorado until somewhere around the late '80s/early '90s. There were multiple Hardee's in Fort Collins, including one in the CSU Student Center.


There might not be any now, but days of yore saw many a freshly made biscuit served to many a hungover undergrad.


 @Cecil This is because Hardee's was bought by CKE (the parent company of Carl's Jr.)  They made the decision to convert Colorado Hardee's to Carl's Jr.  At the time the California chain Carl's Jr. was more recognizable to Coloradans than Hardee's.  


One of the main reasons for this acquisition was to acquire Hardee's popular breakfast menu and expand nationally.  Although now the menus are somewhat similar and they both use the star logo the chain is somewhat bifurcated.


 @Cecil Yep, and there was a Hardee's on Iliff and Parker Rd. that sustained me through high school. 


 @Hebe That sounds right--for some reason I actually had this discussion with a co-worker not long ago.


Jesus, I'm a loser.

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