Reader: La Guarida Cubana needs to pick up the pace as a neighborhood place

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Mark Manger
Lissette Rosell making coffee at La Guarida Cubana.
At La Guarida Cubana, a tiny Cuban restaurant that opened in June on a stretch of East Colfax known more for McDonald's and pot shops than good food, the Rosell family is using authentic family recipes -- but something is in danger of getting lost in the translation from the kitchen to the table.

That's what Gretchen Kurtz suggested in her recent review, and a reader concurs:

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Says plcdef:

As the review says, just because you follow a family recipe doesn't make it good. I found nothing good here and wanted to since it was in my neighborhood. Service was non-existent, food was plain bad and $30 for 2 people to eat in a neighborhood place. I hope for their sake it gets better.

Have you tried La Guarida Cubana? What did you think? What are your favorite neighborhood joints -- and what's the price point that seems reasonable?

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La Guarida Cubana - CLOSED

5922 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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They have always been friendly to me. Once they gave me a free Cuban coffee cause they wanted me to try it, and another time a bottled water cause apparently I looked thirsty. I have only tried the Cuban sandwich and it is so good I crave it almost daily. It is huge and a great value. I can't speak to the other things on the menu, but I think this is a cool place and a cool family.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

For the record, the distance from Denver to Havana, Cuba is 1,729 miles.

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