Reader: People of CapHill, stand up and revolt over Lancer Lounge closing!

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The Lancer Lounge just got a facelift -- and a new window.
Rebecca Conda has owned the Lancer Lounge since 1999 -- -- but she doesn't own the building that houses what she readily admits is a "dive." Even so, she poured $100,000 into fixing up the joint last year, building new bathrooms and even putting a big window in front. But the project was worth it, she said; after all, she'd just signed a new lease, and her place wasn't going to disappear anytime soon. "Not for a minute," Conda told us.

That minute will be up at 2 p.m. today. The Lancer has been evicted, and will lock the doors then -- unless the landlord considers the crowd that's been packing the place since the news broke yesterday, looks at that window and sees the light.

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Oh, and he might want to listen to some of the comments coming in. People across town are outraged to see Denver lose another classic watering hole. Says Genericdenver:

This is so fuc-ed up, I swear that soon Denver will be awash in generic chain bars and restaurants everywhere with no character at the rate that every institution in Denver is closing. RIP Lancer Lounge!

Adds ThisIsBS:

There has to be some way to fix this. Screw that property management company. People of CapHill, it's time to stand up and revolt!

With the closing of the Lancer Lounge today, are there any other true dives left in town? Post your favorites below -- but first, look at our slide show of the Lancer Lounge's last night.

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Lancer Lounge - CLOSED

233 E. 7th Ave., Denver, CO

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I lived in Capital Hill for 2 years and the Lancer Lounge was my favorite bar. I also loved Bones and Mizuna. That being said, I have a VERY hard time believing that Mr. Bonanno had nothing to do with the closing of the Lancer. I do not have any proof that the Bonanno group had anything to do with the closing of the Lancer, just a nagging suspicion. As a result of this, I have decided that I will no longer patronize Mr. Bonanno's establishments. I am not pleased about this as I was originally very excited about the cuisine that Frank was bringing to the neighborhood. That being said, I simply cannot bring myself to support a local establishment that experiences a certain level of success, and then in turn used that success to contribute to the demise of another local establishment. You can say all you like about personal responsibility and responsible business decisions. This is a simple case of one privileged small business experiencing a temporary wave of success, preying on another small business in a time of absolute weakness. Wall Street on a local level. Take this into consideration next time you consider eating at Bones. Let's just say I won't be surprised when Frank's newest venture suddenly appears in the giant hole that the Lancer has left behind. The Lancer will be missed. That is all...


This is still all to crazy to believe. Seriously, if the owner had completely made a  decided on the fact she was late on rent, knowing she brought the building up to code and was fixing the sewer line?!?!?!? Are you kidding? Something more has to be going on and I can't help but think the Chef next door hasn't known about it before Becky did. I bet the building owner approached Frank and asked if it was available if he would rent it soon. Knowing what I know of Frank, the answer is yes! I think this is terrible and I think Becky deserves better than this. Now what we have to look forward to for a replacement you might ask? Don't be surprised if Frank opens up a sport's bar with food and Freakin' Yankee crap everywhere. Please join me and not give the new business a dime. Yankees suck Frank....Yankees suck!


Actually, before I get flamed...I just re-read the article and saw the comment about the sewer repairs I retract my 'poor financial management' comment.


But I still pose the question...have the people complaining been choosing the Lounge as their destination, or not?  


Have the people that are so upset about it closing been supporting the place consistently, providing it with the money it needs to not default on the rent, and tipping the employees well?  Are you making the choice when you go out for a drink to choose the Lancer Lounge instead of The Yard House?  You vote with your dollar...


Yesterday's column indicated that she has not paid the rent, so...that is either a lack of business, or poor financial management?

ScubaSteve topcommenter

There are still a few dives left.  There's the Hammer Bar inside Sam's #3 on 15th and Curtis, the lounges inside the Columbine Steakhouse (3rd and Federal) and the Lookin' Good Diner (1st and Sheridan), and the Clown's Inn on West Alameda and Newton.


 @GentlyStirred People should really be talking about the truth here.  No one is talking about the real story with the Lancer

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