Lancer Lounge seized by State of Colorado for back taxes

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Yesterday, when the news broke that the Lancer Lounge would be closing at 2 p.m. today, owner Rebecca Comda, who's had the classic dive since 1999, said that it was because the landlord had evicted her after she missed a month of rent.

But judging from the sign that appeared on the door this afternoon, that's not all she missed.

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The door now has several notices from the State of Colorado, one emblazoned with the word "Seized." Apparently the Lancer Lounge had failed to pay assorted state taxes, and the Department of Revenue is now ordering a public sale to come up with the $9,542 that the state is owed.

Although the business has been seized, the door was still open earlier this afternoon, and a few folks were drinking at the bar. But while last night a few regulars seemed hopeful that Corda would be able to work things out with the landlord, today it looks like she has other obstacles to overcome.

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Lancer Lounge - CLOSED

233 E. 7th Ave., Denver, CO

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Ok, well now I will retract my previous DOES look like financial mismanagement...

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