Photos: Sugarlicious stocks scary Halloween treats

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J. Wohletz
Nothing says "Halloween is here!" like skeletal Hello Kitty tins filled with sour-orange, bone-shaped candies. Sure, the candies themselves are nothing more than boring Sweet Tarts, but this time of year, it's all about the presentation. Sugarlicious, a sweet shop in Cherry Creek, not only has great Halloween atmosphere, but a stock of interesting and off-the-wall spooky treats for gourmet trick-or-treating.

Keep reading for a look at Sugarlicious's spook-tastic collection of Halloween and fall-themed sweets.

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J. Wohletz
OMFG! These little ghost coconut haystacks with tiny chocolate candy eyes are so effin adorable they should not be given out to random, candy-grubbing children, but instead reserved as presents for bosses, ex-spouses, security guards and parole officers -- or any other adult you really need to suck up to.

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First there was Hello Kitty. Then there was Hello Kitty Jelly Bellies. Now there is Hello Kitty Halloween Jelly Bellies, in four flavors corresponding to Halloween colors: island punch purple, kiwi green, orange sherbet orange and wild blackberry black. The last one is a smart move, because if the black ones were licorice-flavored, no one would buy them.

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Coffin Creepers may sound like a bad goth band name, but these individually cardboard-coffin-wrapped suckers should keep sugar-hyped kiddos quiet for approximately 33 seconds.

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J. Wohletz
Mmmmmm.....fried crickets. Yep, they're real crickets, yep, they come in three tantalizing flavors: bacon & cheese, salt & vinegar and sour cream & onion, and yep, they include the spiky back legs.

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J. Wohletz
These gummies taste just like regular fruit gummies, but it's cool to eat pretend-severed human parts -- since eating the real ones is still illegal.

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