Matt Lewis, exec chef of Bones, on pop-ups, burgers and women

What's never in your kitchen? Over-processed food. There are places, as a chef, where you can cut corners when it comes to product, which is not something I choose to do. We always try to buy the best product out there, and we make as much as we can in-house. We don't compromise.

What's always in your kitchen? Women, because they're strong and make the kitchen more dynamic, and it always seems like they're way more organized than me.

Favorite dish on the menu: Our new-style hamachi. I slice the hamachi very thin and lightly flash-sear it with hot grapeseed oil. It's topped with a thin slice of Fresno chile and fresh cilantro.

Biggest menu bomb: It wasn't at Bones, but once upon a time I made a lobster Champagne terrine that was absolutely awful. Flat Champagne and cold rubbery lobster isn't a good mix, and the dish didn't even make it to the menu. Now, with more experience, I could definitely make it work.

Craziest kitchen story: Two lady guests flashed us on the line and showed us their tits; that's the printable part.

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