Reader: What's with soggy buns at Mile High Vienna? Is that a Midwest thing?

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Hot dog! Mile High Vienna Stand has moved from its original space on Santa Fe right up the street to a bigger spot with parking! "People kept telling me we were too busy -- something I didn't think was possible," says owner Sonny Jarock. "But this new space is great and things couldn't be going better. It's a dream come true."

For fans of the food, too.

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Says Denver Dave:

Nice. They really needed more space - looks great. Love their dogs and fries. The Italian beef - not so much. That soggy bun thing must be a Midwest preference that I just don't get. And you can totally skip what they refer to as chili (more like sloppy Joe filling - no spice at all). Really ruined a great dog with it and some processed cheese product recently.

Have you tried Mile High Vienna? Is a soggy bun really a Midwest preference? And what's your favorite dog in town?

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Mile High Vienna Stand

300 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO

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In my experience you can come across Chicago Beef sandwiches prepared 3 different ways.

1- Dry (you have to ask for this)

2- Wet (take some au jus and pour over the sandwich, normal preparation)

3- Dipped (take the whole sandwich and dip into the au jus, you should have to ask for this as well)

As for the chili dog, can you give us a example of a good chili dog? didn't think so, chili dog chili, isn't a 4 bean style, it is usually an all meat/spice prep covered in cheez, nothin fancy


Mile High Vienna does a great job (though they need hand cut fries!!) and I frequent them often not only for their dogs and beefs, but for my childhood Chicago favorites 'the pizza puff' and "supreme tamales"




Re:  Denver Dave.  Of course putting chili on a hot dog is going to ruin it.  You should've went Chicago style.  Their Italian Beef sandwiches are legit!  As far as the bun goes, the wetter the better.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

The Italian beef  "soggy" bun is also a New York City thing.  At delis there, the entire sandwich is dipped in au jus before being halved and plated.  It's definitely a knife and fork sandwich.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


 You are correct.  There's no such thing as a good chili dog. The best chili in the world in homemade 5-way Cincinnati chili.

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