Reader: My Brother's Bar serves the one-and-only jalapeno cheeseburger

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jimmy haydeatbrothers.jpg
Jimmy Hayde at My Brother's Bar.
A crew from Food Paradise stopped in Denver earlier this year to film at My Brother's Bar, whose JCB rated a segment on the "Hamburger Paradise 2" episode that aired last night on the Travel Channel.

The Denver shots included interviews with longtime bartender Jimmy Hayde (who had a big day yesterday -- he was also quoted in a New York Times piece on the 16th Street Mall) and many customers chowing down on the bar's jalapeno cheeseburger -- which the show insisted was the "unofficial burger of Denver...found on nearly every menu."


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Our post about the upcoming show had one reader goggling. Writes idoubtit:

I could not find a single example of another restaurant in town that serves a burger like My Brother's JCB. I found some with cream cheese, some with jalapenos, and some with both -- but not mixed together, which is what makes the JCB so good, and the one-and-only of its kind. Or am I missing something? Has anyone else found another jalapeno cheeseburger in Denver?

Good question. Have you? If so, post that burger spot in the comments section below.

And in the meantime, a few other fact-checking matters. As far as we know, the building that houses My Brother's has been a bar since sometime in the 1880s -- not 1873, "before Colorado was a state." And while there's been a bar in the structure since it first opened, My Brother's did not move in until just over forty years ago, not "the 1930's."

Still, Food Paradise got several other things right, including the lack of a sign (and TVs), the Girl Scout cookies and balloons, the great Beat legacy -- including a letter from Neal Cassady asking a pal to pay his bill at Paul's place, not My Brother's -- and the commitment to, as Hayde says, "just giving people great American food."

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My Brother's Bar

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Candlelight on S. Pearl. Handmade burgers, too, not hockey pucks


The Elm on Colfax.

Mantonat topcommenter

Doesn't the Cherry Cricket have a jalapeno cream cheese burger? Even if it does, that's far from "found on nearly every menu." 


I'm a big fan of My Brother's Bar but why don't they make their own hamburger patties? If they do make their own patties, they must make them ahead of time.

patricia.calhoun moderator editortopcommenter

Good tips. My Brother's and the Wazee were once owned by brothers.


wazee supper club has jalapeno cream cheese as a topping for burgers.


It's not a real restaurant, but Good Times has been serving a Jalapeno Cheesburger slider for a while now.  It's pretty good and costs less than $2.


Billy's Inn at 44th and Tennyson has a burger with Jalapeño cream cheese and IT IS FABULOUS!!!  I used to have the JCB at M.B.B. all the time... it's been awhile since we've eaten there!

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