Reader: With all the better LoHi bars, Barry's@Highlands won't last long

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Joints keep getting snapped up in LoHi, which Forbes has rated as one of the "hippest hipster neighborhoods" in the country. The most recent takeover: the former Arabian Bar, which has been in business since the '20s at 3360 Navajo Street. It's now being transformed into Barry's@Highlands by Barry Zadikoff, who took over the former Skylark Lounge space at 58 Broadway and transformed it into Barry's on Broadway eight years ago.

But will Barry's get a warm welcome in LoHi?

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Says andafzzle:

Too bad--Barry's on Broadway was a step down from the Skylark as soon as it moved in. This bar won't last very long with all the better bars in the area.

Is LoHi the hippest hipster neighborhood in Denver? We sent our photographer out to survey the scene this weekend; see our "Midnight in LoHi" slide show here.

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Local Bar @ Highland - CLOSED

3360 Navajo St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Firstly, I don't understand the hate for Barry's on Broadway. Barry is the man, the drinks were good, didn't cost an arm and a leg, the crowd was typical Broadway.


I, and a lot of people my age enjoy visiting more than one bar in an evening. Preferably by walking. A night at Barry's would also typically include a stop at sputnik, three kings, the hornet etc etc.


When people say 'better bar's' and lower highland (where I live) in the same sentence I get confused. Primarily because the bars currently here are too spread out, typically close too early, and often times are too expensive to accommodate a reasonable bar scene. With few exceptions they're restaurants first, bars second.


The beauty of the scenes on broadway, 17th, larimar (north) and even those pesky downtown bars is that they all support each other. New bars attract new patrons, and a rising tide lifts all boats.


An additional dedicated bar based on a tried and true model is guaranteed only to improve things. I say the more the merrier. 

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