Reader: Romney visits Chipotle to support Latinos? Gotcha

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Mitt Romney heading into the Chipotle at Stapleton.
Campaigning in Colorado yesterday in advance of his appearance at tonight's debate at the University of Denver, Mitt Romney stopped at the Chipotle in Stapleton -- where he ordered extra guac with his burrito.

He also got a side of sarcasm from our readers.

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Photo: Mitt Romney at Stapleton Chipotle pays extra for guac -- big spender!
- Mitt Romney stopped at Chipotle this morning -- but is not invited to Rosa Linda's

Says Krissy:

Good way to try and prove you're Latino, Mittens. Plenty of other places to go for more of an authentic....oh wait, authentic. Gotcha...

And the debate soon spilled over to Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe, which had earlier refused a visit from the Romney camp.

Says JimRome:

Completely in the Romney camp, but I patronize every local establishment I can to support locally owned businesses. This will be the last time I ever step in to Rosa Linda's. Sad to see a restaurant alienate 50% of its customer base.

Where do you think Romney should have eaten? Did Rosa Linda's make a mistake? Post your thoughts below, or join the discussion already under way here.

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Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe

2005 W. 33rd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Too bad so many looking at this story are  reading-comprehension challenged; a horribly misleading headline by attention-whore Kelsey didn't help, either.

Typing slowly so that the knuckle-draggers can keep up:

-Romney's group contacted Rosa Linda's wanting to host a campaign event there, to use the Latino and LDS backgrounds of the Aguirre family (opportunistic much?!).

-The Aguirre family  DID NOT want to host a campaign event - their restaurant would be disrupted  and likely lose a day's worth of business, if not more.

-Oscar posted on his FB that  they'd catered an Obama event (outside the restaurant - see the difference?!) and had gotten a thank you note but again, not interested in hosting a campaign event -big difference between hosting and catering.

-At no time was  Romney nor any member of his staff or family turned away from Rosa Linda's - that NEVER happened.


I'm sure Patty is thrilled to  have this notoriety and bit part in stirring up all of the commotion. However, the story headline is deliberately provocative and  misleading  - but to have their few minutes to bask, the attention whores at Westword are all too happy to throw a local family business under the bus and then burn rubber on them.  Bravo, Westword, bravo!


I hope Rosa Linda's enjoys the notoriety. The arrogance is astounding. I won't be eating there any longer.

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