Reader: Aguirre family at Rosa Linda's are true Americans

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An artist who lived in northwest Denver clued me in to the little storefront burrito joint that had just opened in his neighborhood in northwest Denver, a spot decades away from being tagged with the nickname "LoHi" or labeled a "hippest hipster neighborhood" by Forbes. I've been eating at Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe ever since, for close to thirty years, watching as both the restaurant and the Aguirre family that founded it grew up.

I stopped in Tuesday for some food and fellowship before the craziness of the presidential debate hit -- but as it turned out, I was in the quiet eye of the storm. A storm we started when we reported that Rosa Linda's had declined to let their restaurant be used as a campaign stop by the Romney camp.

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Then the rumor spread that Rosa Linda's had refused to feed Romney, which was simply not the case. This family will feed anyone -- often for free.

Writes Conservative 1:

Step back, and let's think about this for a little while.... Who are the true Americans here? The Aguirres for exercising their American rights to support what they believe in and their own political views, or the geniuses who are bashing them for it?

What have Americans become?

Good question. Through the day, the comments became increasingly hateful -- and the restaurant was subjected to a barage of harassing calls. Finally, Oscar Aguirre, the oldest son, sent out this message:

I (Oscar) would like to apologize to EVERY ONE WE MAY HAVE offended concerning Governor Mitt Romney, and the article in westword. We did not refuse him service yesterday. THAT IS FALSE!

As stated in the article, when we were contacted by the campaign of candidate Romney on August 6th, by a former Mormon missionary, that he would like to bring the candidate here, NOT TO EAT but; it was presented to us that he wanted to do a political stump here. Talk about our small business and how because we share our religious views with the candidate and are Latinos it would be great for him to do a campaign stop. We did say NO because we are not Republicans, nor are we Democrats. We will welcome any sitting President of the United States. But we did not want to be a campaign stopping place....

Since this article came out we have been getting hate emails, from people across the country, people sending us death threats and people calling us telling us we are racist... that they hope we go out of business. All are welcome to join us for family meal! we may not be your cup of tea but we still welcome anybody with open arms.


If we do go out of business our Annual Thanksgiving Feast to the needy would end. Last year we fed 5500 meals, this year we may serve above 6000 meals. Please let the American public know that we are not racist or bigots. We are just a working family wanting to help our community and our country by serving those in need.



Read the rest of the Rosa Linda comments here, and then see if you can answer Conservative 1's question. Politely.

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Not a fan of Rosa Linda's or Romney particularly but I do support the right of any business to not be manipulated into allowing their business to be used for political purposes.  Clearly the Romney camp sought out Rosa Linda's to pander to Latino voters in Colorado and I don't blame the owners for choosing not be part of his plan.


FYI, a link to the original article showed up on the Drudge Report yesterday, which should explain much of the hateful, attacking, unproductive commentary that ensued. 


Who cares about the Romney stuff, the real problem with Rosa Linda's is the food and the ownership. They have chased away Mondo Cafe and The Squeaky Bean with their selfish antics.


A little humorous and telling that I'm seeing comments on this story from usernames that never comment on Cafe Society posts.  Go crawl back into your regular commenting holes, we're here to talk about food.


If you guys read your original article, you'll notice that you're the ones who are implying that they refused to feed Romney. And then added fuel to the fire by saying that they also refused a visit from Bush, but would welcome Obama to come eat there. If people are thinking that they are Democrats despite the fact they say they are not, that is also because the article says only "My parents are not Republicans". So perhaps you should try a little harder to not turn this into a political issue and then turn around and blame "the public" for turning it into a political issue. For the record, I eat at Rosa Linda's all the time and don't agree with anyone trashing them or their business, but really? You didn't see that coming? I read the original article yesterday and assumed the Westword was trying to incite a political fight.


This headline is so misleading. Any "true American" would have been more than happy to open their doors to anyone. Oscar Aguirre's apology rings hollow. Gov. Romney was going to the restaurant to eat, as well as talk with the family. But, Mr. Aguirre couldn't get past his democrat politics and racist views, and now sadly, his family business will suffer.


So he posted the original article on his fb page and now is trying to retract the original article? Sounds like somebody didnt expect the backlash making a political statement as a business owner would produce.


too late-you're going out of business for sure-



 Hey Bagworm - we're here because we follow Patty Calhoun and Westword.


 @shoebert Completely agree, this backfired big time for them.  I have no problem if they did not want to be used as a political stop a simple "we decline" with no fanfare would not have bothered me nor would I have even known about it.  What bothered me was the way it was wrote up on Westword and posted on their Facebook page.  This was not a statement that we are independents and we will not be used to pander votes from either side, this was wrote up saying we do not want Mitt Romney in our restaurant but we would welcome Obama's business, in fact we have even catered food for the President before.  Hardly a non political statement, so while I strongly disagree with death threats, negative reviews of the food for people who have never ate there or calling in false orders, I completely respect boycotting of Rosa Lindas, they should have thought of the repercussions before releasing that statement.  As a small business owner I would never alienate any of my customers.  By not wanting to make a political statement they made a huge one that at least cost them this customer.

Mantonat topcommenter

 @DemDisaster So it's just pure coincidence that they happen to be Mormon like Mitt, and Hispanic - a demographic that he's been heavily courting because they are a large voting block that the GOP needs? 

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