Starbucks' artsy new mini-modular pops up in metro Denver

J. Wohletz
The recycled wood facade of the new Starbucks.
The seasonal, pumpkin-flavored coffees and baked goods at Starbucks are my favorite part of fall, and so I head over to my neighborhood Starbucks early -- and often -- to get pumpkin spice lattes, slabs of fragrant pumpkin bread dotted with roasted pumpkin seeds, and iced pumpkin scones.

But this past weekend, I decided to take a quick drive to look at the leaves and see the new, artsy, mini-model Starbucks that just debuted at 200 West 104th Avenue in Northglenn, just off I-25. It's only the second in this country and the fourth in the world.

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J. Wohletz
...and the fancy metalwork to go with the wood facade.
I initially had some trouble locating this Starbucks because the address wasn't listed on the website -- but when I finally got close to the reported location, it was easy to recognize from the photos. This diminutive, decorative store is a mere 500 square feet in size, with old snow-fencing wood panels from Wyoming on the exterior façade, along with striking black metal accents.

This is the Mazda Miata of Starbucks.

J. Wohletz
This model seats two employees...
The prefabricated Starbucks store was loaded onto a truck for transport, then stuck on a modest patch of lawn late last month. It has a walk-up window and a drive-thru, but no internal seating. The menu boards are placed outside, and list a limited menu of Starbucks coffee drinks, teas, juice drinks, bistro boxes and pastries.

But I didn't need the menu, having spent more time at Starbucks than I did at home during college, and just trotted up to the window and ordered a pumpkin spice latte and a slice of pumpkin bread -- which was sold out. I opted instead for the banana bread. I felt kinda weird waiting for my order, and even weirder after I got it, because there is no outdoor seating at this location, either, so after using the walk-up window you either have to walk off to your car or the lawn, where you can stand awkwardly and sip.

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