Reader: Tom's Urban 24 will serve Colorado-centric dishes -- including a Slopper!

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Lori Midson
Tom's Urban 24 is ready...and waiting.
It's been a long time since a restaurant has been eagerly awaited as Tom's Urban 24. One of the main reasons for that? The spot will be serving 24/7, a rarity in this town, and doing it from a great location on the edge of Larimer Square. And it will also be serving not just early breakfasts, but a very expansive lineup of dishes, "familiar food with modern twists and turns," according to founder Tom Ryan.

"The menu started out 300 times larger than what it is now, but we whittled it down based on consumer feedback and what the kitchen staff could handle," Ryan tells Lori Midson, adding that he's "bringing everyone's favorite foods under one roof."

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Says Arf Arf:

Looks promising. I'm happy to see the menu is populated with Colorado-centric dishes like the Slopper instead of just offering the same boring diner food you can get anywhere.

But Cap Hill Cowboy has concerns:

Some poor girl is going to puke that "midnight slopper" into her boyfriend's car on the way home and get herself broken up with.

Will you try Tom's Urban? Where have you been going in town when you crave a late-night snack?

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joey murdah
joey murdah

wow, that is one expensive slopper when you are used to how much they are in pueblo!

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