Reader: True Food menu may look good -- but those chairs do not

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Lori Midson
True Food Kitchen opened yesterday in Cherry Creek. It's the most successful concept out of Fox Restaurant Concepts, the company that also owns the nearby NoRTH, with locations in Arizona and California, and plans for several other cities after this Denver spot. The original True Food Kitchen opened in Scottsdale in 2008, with Dr. Andrew Weil, the bestselling cookbook author and a proponent of healthy foods and an anti-inflammatory diet, as a partner.

But while the emphasis at True Food is on healthy food that tastes good, one reader thinks those chairs look like back-breakers:

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Says Denver Dave:

God, how I hate those chairs. Luca used to have them - the most ass freezing back breaking chairs known to man. Whatever convinced restaurants to think that metal chairs have any appeal? Metal chairs are only acceptable out of doors - period.

Do you agree with Denver Dave that metal chairs belong outdoors? What Denver restaurant has the most comfortable seating? The worst? Post your nominations below.

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True Food Kitchen

2800 E. 2nd Ave., Denver, CO

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As other people have mentioned...they're not actually metal but recycled plastic.  Have a seat, they're very comfortable and won't leave your feet dangling.  Enjoy!


The actual chairs in the dining room are plastic--made from recycled soda bottles.  There is no sitting on metal at all...


I use a cane and I am appalled at how often a restaurant tries to seat me at a tall table, with a chair that leaves my feet dangling.  I don't care all that much what a chair is made of, as long as I can sit in it without endangering my health.


Metal chairs can be bad, but those are made from recycled plastic bottles not metal.


TAG Burger Bar has the best bar stools in town.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I think the reason restaurants have those damn cold metal chairs is so they turn more tables because no one wants to sit in those chairs for long.

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