Whole Foods partnering with local ranchers to serve organic meat in stores, schools

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Via CrystalRiverMeats.com
Cattle grazing on a Crystal River Meats pasture.
Whole Foods is providing Colorado with a whole lot of local beef these days. In Basalt, a newly opened franchise is teaming up with Crystal River Meats, a Carbondale-based sustainable food company, to provide youth in the RE-1 school district with natural ground beef for school lunches throughout the year. And along the Front Range, Whole Foods stores are now featuring grassfed beef products from Colorado-raised and -processed cattle.

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Through November, all of the grass-fed beef sold in the eleven Whole Foods markets in metro Denver is coming from Colorado ranches. The seven multi-generational families that are providing Whole Foods with USDA-certified organic beef during this period all operate under Panorama Meats, the largest grass-fed and finished organic beef supplier in the nation.

But that status is somewhat misleading, according to former Panorama CEO Mack Graves, who now works with Panorama ranchers in Colorado. "About 650,000 cattle are killed weekly in the U.S.," Graves reveals. "But it's tough selling our product. We have numerous inspections we have to pass each year. We have to meet higher expectations. It's a niche market. We're just trying to decrease our ecological footprint. That's our goal."

Panorama farms are speckled across the state of Colorado, from Roggen -- roughly fifty miles northeast of Denver -- to Alamosa and west to the colorful canyons and mesas near Colorado National Monument.

Via PanoramaMeats.com
Cattle graze on a Panorama farm

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IT is an irony beyond logic that Whole Foods, the folks that champion a vegetarian/vegan diet, folks that would not allow Erin Shriver - former Nutritional Specialist at WHole FOods to teach and talk about paleo/primal diet of eating meat for health (google: The Healthy Paleo Coalition and sign the petition) - Whole Foods who hold up the disastrously flawed China Study by Dr Campbell as a beacon to the vegetarian agenda - that the same Whole Foods is doing this?


Corporate 2-faced hypocrisy - no?


Ravi Wells



Don't go back to sleep...


RT Whole Foods partnering with local ranchers to serve organic meat in stores http://t.co/GVSogEET @GanaderiaMex #ethicalomnivore

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