Tell us how beer makes you feel to win GABF tickets (updated with winner)

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Hop heads at last year's fest.
Update: Congratulations to MattL5, whose fun, semi-explicit feelings about beer have earned him two tickets to Saturday night at GABF. If you didn't win, keep reading: We're announcing our final contest today!

Original post: It was all such a blur. Within 45 minutes of their release on August 2, every ticket to the annual booze-a-palooza that is the Great American Beer Festival had sold out. All of them. While some dreams were achieved, others were dashed. But if you were one of the unfortunates who didn't get tickets, don't fret: Westword has extras to the last night of GABF on Saturday, October 13 at the Colorado Convention Center, and we'd love to give them to you.

If you want to get your hands on them, keep reading. (Spoiler: It requires some deep beer thoughts.)

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For your chance to win tickets:
1. "Like" us on Facebook, which you can do right here. (Note: If you're already following us on Facebook, you're already awesome and eligible to enter; proceed to step two.)

2. Sign in to our commenting system, Livefyre, and leave a comment below telling us how beer makes you feel, along with your name (you don't have to include your real name in your account login, just your comment) and a valid e-mail address. Then check back Monday morning to see if you've won.

3. Keep reading: We'll have more opportunities to win as GABF looms ever closer.

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700 14th St., Denver, CO

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MattL5 1 Like

I was always a little insecure before I tried my first craft beer. Sure you could pound a case of CL's and feel like any girl in the world was yours. But it was that moment when I met Humulus and realized I was all wrong the whole time. She's one of a kind, even though cannabis is her first cousin. The bite, the bine, it was all unreal when I felt her. I took a IPA in the shower with me one time. It was like me and her were one. Wort squirting all over the walls. Mashed. I didn't care that a girl actually saw me naked for once. I felt completed. I was finally secure.




Beer makes me feel connected.


Connected to my fellow imbibers.


Connected to the brewer and their labor.


Connected to the land where the barley (or wheat or rye) and hops were grown.


Connected to the history of yeast and the brewers and drinkers that came before.


Connected to the history of mankind.


Connected to those very first people who settled down to cultivate grains so that they could brew regularly.


Beer makes me feel connected.




empowered! invincible! just an all-over hoppy feeling!



virginiacsanders 1 Like

There was a time in my life, a long period of time (the day I was born until age fourteen, more specifically), in which I felt nothing. Essentially, I was emotionally paralyzed from birth. Then, at a bitchin' high school party, I had my first beer. Then, I felt something. You see, beer makes me feel, just FEEL, in general. And that's pretty awesome. -Virginia


Liek a mad scientist.  Grow me yeasties!  - Kale

broncofaned 1 Like

Beer makes me feel like Santa! I get rosie cheeks, feel slightly bloated, I am very jolly and always in a giving mood! Cheers, Chris

teresa.burwell 1 Like

Beer makes me feel, 

in sync with the world,

as if more is revealed,

the more I drink, the more reality is un-whirled, 

I become Invincible, irresistible, blissful and grateful

that such a thing like beer exist and it is so tasteful!


- Tree


jkingston 1 Like

Beer makes me sad.  This is only because beer reminds me of the GABF, and how I don't have a ticket.   


Justin Kingston -


Beer makes me feel so good when it touches your lips.....

Trevor Renken



Beer makes me feel like a world of possibilities is out there. Infinite flavors out of 4 ingredients! If you add a few more ingredients, you can dial in that perfect beverage to your own palate. Prost!


Beer quenches a thirst, feeds a hunger, & cheers me up.


Perfectly satisfied.


Perfectly satisified


I'm allergic to Beer... it make's me feel drunk!

vegasgreg19 1 Like

Beer makes me feel happy. After all even Ben Franklin said "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy". Reminds me of my youth when my grandfather would have me fetch him a beer and give me a sip as a reward.  -Greg (


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