Cheetos, Goldfish: What should be the official State Snack for a real Rocky Mountain high?

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Colorado has an official State Dance (square), an official State Fossil (stegosaurus) and not one, but two official State Songs ("Where the Columbines Grow" and "Rocky Mountain High"). It has no official food -- but Governor John Hickenlooper's reference to favorite munchie snacks could soon change that.

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Asked about the passage of Amendment 64, the governor pointed out that "federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don't break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly."

As a founder of the Wynkoop Brewing Company and a former bar owner, Hickenlooper might also have suggested pretzels -- but no matter. The quote has been picked up around the country, and Amendment 64 proponents delivered both Cheetos and Goldfish to the governor's office yesterday.

Either would work nicely as official State Snack to go with a real Rocky Mountain High. But we're looking for other nominations, too; post your ideas below.

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

Jose Ole' mini tacos (from the frozen food case at the grocery store).

Mantonat topcommenter

I don't partake, but if I did, I would want someone to buy an Amsterdam Doner Kebab franchise (the only one is currently in Omaha, NE) and put it in my front yard. Some of the best late night food I've ever had.


For something that's already in Denver, carnitas tacos with a minimum of four salsa choices would be perfect, like the kind you get at Tacos y Salsas or Carnitas Michoacan.

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