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Club W delivers delicious wine goods straight to your door.
Delicious bottles of wine. Hand-selected for you by industry pros, based on your personal palate's preferences. Shipped directly to your door, every month, for less than $40. Welcome to the club -- that is, Club W.

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This clever little Denver-based startup is about to turn one, having launched nearly a year ago to almost instantaneous success based largely on positive word-of-mouth generated by so-hip-it-hurts QR-code labels affixed to each bottle that when scanned, direct drinkers to a short video of Club W curators' (Table 6's Aaron Forman, Elise Wiggans of Panzano, Ilan Baril of The Capital Grille, to name a few) straightforward -- and sometimes hilarious -- descriptions of each wine.

Club W's premise is simple: Get people to drink more wine by making it seem...well, cool. They also make it easy -- just go to their website, answer a few basic questions to let them know what kind of wines you like to drink (establishing your "palate profile") and decide how many bottles you want to receive each month. The basic model includes delivery of three boutique wines for $39, but if you're looking for something a bit more special, you can upgrade to their Curator's Choice selections (highly allocated, slightly edgier picks) for $19 each. Also cool? You can gift wine shipments to your family and friends, and best of all -- there's absolutely no obligation -- you're free to cancel anytime.

The selection of wine varies from month to month, but always features off-the-radar bottles from independent winemakers. At $13 per, the wines are perfect for every-night sipping and offer peeps who might be less wine-savvy the chance to explore grapes they've never tried without much of a financial commitment. But what Club W does better than anything is showing people what's typical for a given variety while gently educating them along the way. Here's our take on four particularly tasty bottles we recently sampled:

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Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

I have to say that my experience with "wine clubs" has been uniformly terrible.  This one may be an exception but be careful.  Generally, they suck you in with great initial offerings and then send you crap that you really don't want but to which you are committed. Just because they've paid some local celeb chefs to endorse them doesn't mean you'll love all of their selections or that the "celebs" have even tasted all of them.  Just saying that these end up feeling like scams 9 times out of 10 in my experience.  Make sure you have an "opt out" option so that if you're not happy with what they are sending you aren't stuck with it.  I've got a lot of totally undrinkable crap in my cellar.  Guess I should yank the corks and make vinegar.

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