Darrel Truett, exec chef of Barolo Grill, on bacon everything, truffles and "Insalata 21, 31, 41, 51"

Favorite childhood food memory: I come from an Italian family, and I remember my mom cooking lasagna or stuffed crepes for big holidays every year. The house always smelled great with sauce simmering on the stove, and we'd always ask my mom to make lots of extra so we could have leftovers for a week.

Favorite junk food: Nutty Bars. Ever since I was a kid, Nutty Bars have been one of my favorite go-to snacks. I love that chocolaty fudge, peanut butter and crispy wafer.

Favorite cheap eat in Denver: I love pizza -- cold or hot, for breakfast or for dinner. If I had to choose a place, I'd say Old Chicago or Pizza Hut. Their pizzas fill me up and make me happy.

Favorite Denver/Boulder restaurant(s) other than your own: Elway's Cherry Creek. When I first got started in the industry, I worked at a steakhouse, where we served prime rib, sirloins and filets. Now when I get a steak craving, nothing satisfies me more than the 42-ounce bone-in ribeye with a side of au gratin potatoes from Elway's. They always take great care of my family and me, and I love participating in their annual slider competition. We do it every year, because it's one of my favorite events.

Favorite dish on your menu: Right now, it's the beer-braised rabbit, but we're getting ready to change up the menu, and one of my favorites is coming back: It's dried fruit-stuffed pork tenderloin with pancetta potatoes, fig balsamic sauce and spinach and pickled red onions. The stuffing is cranberries, golden raisins, sliced figs, and cherries rehydrated with sage and grappa. It hits all the elements on the palate -- acid, sweet and savory.

Biggest menu bomb: I can't think of anything that's been a total bomb, which makes me lucky. I test dishes, tweak them and sometimes change up components before they're put on the menu.

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