Five best marijuana meals for a real Rocky Mountain high

Filled with vitamins T, H and C.
3. Marijuana-roni and cheese.

Fancy macaroni-and-cheese entrees have been the restaurant industry's golden ticket for longer than I care to remember, and if I had a shiny nickel for every bowl of macaroni and cheese I've eaten made with imported Camembert, filled with rare cave mushrooms and wild mountain chives, stirred with smoked salmon and puddled with truffle oil, I could well afford to open my own dispensary. So it makes perfect sense that the addition of a few drops of finishing hash oil to the usual bowl of pasta and cheese sauce will add allure, upcharge and a lovely touch of contrasting green color. Watch for the rapid development of gourmet truffle/hash oil, which will allow chefs to go overboard for the next twenty years.

Sorry man--it's Cheetos and Goldfish from here on out.
2. Lobster reefer roll.

The overwhelming amount of tarragon I've found in the lobster salad in every lobster roll I've had over the last couple of years could easily be replaced with a few rough-ground marijuana buds, and the price of boutique weed and fresh lobster would make this hand-held, bougie luncheon treat the most expensive thing on any restaurant menu. The down-ticket version of the lobster reefer roll, of course, will be the more affordable "tuna verde" sandwich on untoasted white bread, which restaurants should serve "Hickenlooper style" with a side of Cheetos, Goldfish crackers and a pint of Wynkoop's Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.

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stuka1 do you know what a bag of mashed assholes tastes like....?

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I haven't cooked anything with weed since the 1970s, but Mnizzle is correct that it was too much work for too little return.  But for the best steak, pick one up at the market and throw it on the patio grill. No muss, no fuss.


I've cooked with cannabis before ... it was something new to try for fun, but in the end:


for me it's too much work for too little return.


I'll instead go out to my favorite restaurant for my favorite meal - 


(e.g. Elway's for a steak or L'Atelier in Boulder for french traditional)


and then just give me a Cheeba Chew for dessert.

No muss ... no fuss.   


To each his own.  If you like to cook with cannabis, have fun, and more power to you.


@Chad Atwell Just use cannabutter or canna-infused oils (olive oil, etc) where it calls for regular oils/butter.

Be careful with dosages, though...

jenna-furrr topcommenter

 @steveville My take on the effort involved is that once you make cannabutter it's easy peasy from there--then all you have to do is make what you would normally and add the magic. : )

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