Five best marijuana meals for a real Rocky Mountain high

nachos with.jpg
Pile the nachos plate high.
1. Nug nachos with ganja-mole.

I nominate our local chain, Chipotle, to be the first restaurant in Colorado to make the ultimate weed-lovers' delight: nachos, danked-out with the finest local, organic, sustainably-raised marijuana that is gently nestled in the guacamole, baked into festive green tortilla chips and added to some special "green goddess pico de gallo." Since nachos are one of the traditionally-recognized foods of native Colorado bong-bangers, Chipotle will have the niche market advantage of being the first popular chain to make Amendment 64 its bitch. And ad slogan ideas offer endless possibilities, including "Black Beans--and Acapulco Red!," "That Ain't Cilantro You're Eating!" and my personal favorite, "Steve's Not Here, Man."

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stuka1 do you know what a bag of mashed assholes tastes like....?

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I haven't cooked anything with weed since the 1970s, but Mnizzle is correct that it was too much work for too little return.  But for the best steak, pick one up at the market and throw it on the patio grill. No muss, no fuss.


I've cooked with cannabis before ... it was something new to try for fun, but in the end:


for me it's too much work for too little return.


I'll instead go out to my favorite restaurant for my favorite meal - 


(e.g. Elway's for a steak or L'Atelier in Boulder for french traditional)


and then just give me a Cheeba Chew for dessert.

No muss ... no fuss.   


To each his own.  If you like to cook with cannabis, have fun, and more power to you.


@Chad Atwell Just use cannabutter or canna-infused oils (olive oil, etc) where it calls for regular oils/butter.

Be careful with dosages, though...

jenna-furrr topcommenter

 @steveville My take on the effort involved is that once you make cannabutter it's easy peasy from there--then all you have to do is make what you would normally and add the magic. : )

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