Guess where I'm eating enchiladas?

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Lori Midson

I'm not an advocate of the tacos at this taqueria, but the salsa bar has merit and the enchiladas, draped with a tomatillo green chile, aren't bad, either.

Can you guess where I'm eating?

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That drizzle of sour cream or crème fraîche or whatever it is is a pet peeve of mine (they do the same thing at Diablo, Mezcal and several other trendy joints.  They are trying to say 'look how fancy our dishes are', but what they are really saying is 'look how I can take tasty enchiladas and make them taste like a nasty glob of cream poo'. Funny thing is, I really like the taste of sour cream....but not when it's smothered with additional grease and cheese.  But in this case some pickled red onions, radishes or a handful of pimentos padron would actually add to the dish.


So to answer your question, I'm gonna go with "some place I'm unlikely to ever try".






 @Denver Dave the tables in their dining room are a much lighter wood color than this, i think.

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