Reader: Bagels at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli are an insult to humanity

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It's been a good run, but at the end of November Heidi's Brooklyn Deli will close its original spot in Highland. Brooklyn-to-Denver transplants Heidi and Steve Naples opened the place in the summer of 1997, and today a chain of franchised soup-and-sandwich Heidi's outlets stretch from California to Maine.

But some people won't miss the original.

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Philo99 for example, who writes:.

Heidi's was the worst run deli I've ever been to. The owners were clueless. The business succeeded because of a great location, not the quality of the product they put out. Their bagels were an insult to humanity. You could legally be shot in Brooklyn for serving a bagel that bad.

The space is way too big for an eyeglass store. I would love to see another deli go into the spot. One with an owner that cares about his business. A place that serves quality breakfast sandwiches would also be a welcome change.

What would you like to see go in the Heidi's spot? What does this part of Highland need?

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Heidi's Brooklyn Deli - CLOSED

3130 Lowell Blvd., Denver, CO

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I have recently come across this article, and just wanted to point out that firstly they opened in 1994 not 1997 so as a journalist/blogger/whatever you are, you might want to try to make sure your research is correct, and why would you make the post solely about how people arent sad to see the place go? Why not open the discussion to people who are goinf to miss it? I know there are plenty of them, myself included! My friends and I had been going there since we were kids living in that neighborhood. And for all you negative commentors , if you don't like it don't go there stop spending all your time trashing hard working businesses on the internet, instead go and praise the places you do like. Also that neighborhood's landlords have raised rent to prices higher than needed and not in a smart business way. Look at how many other businesses on that block have closed. Not everything is always what it seems or what you think. Just some food for thought. For the rest of your ideas on what should move in they were all pretty good, but it looks like mexican food won out.




anything but eye doctor, dentist and wedding store will be welcome.  i'd love to see Lucille's move in to this spot.  beats snooze hands down in breakfast fare.  no need for a diner, plenty of those around.  pizza is definitely over-done in the 'hood, would be a great spot for good ethnic food such as nepalese, indian, ethiopian or chinese.  even decent mexican or new mexican would be a treat.  julia blackbirds is a relic.


I'd like to see a diner with solid breakfast fare.  I usually hit up Kyle's and occassionally Javier & C's, but it'd be nice to have another option for a basic sit down breakfast and there isn't one in all of Highland, that I can think of.  I'm not a fan of Snooze, but they would kill it in that location.


Snooze or Jelly location is a fantastic idea!


They have had a sign up since early summer saying building for sale/ lease.  4,000 sq ft restaurant space available.  This was not a surprise.  I have seen the crowds diminish with each addition of a fast casual restaurant to the area, with Jimmy John's being the last nail in the coffin.  Seems like the chain is going the way of the Spicy Pickle.  Used to be quality fresh baked bread, decent meats.  Now it is stale bread and high sodium processed turkey.  It is a shame because when they opened it was a decent deli choice.  I hope they keep the space as a restaurant.  Be a great Snooze or Jelly location. 


The owners claim they are leaving because of the landlord, this is a cop out- they can't own up to how terrible the deli was managed and no one in the neighborhood would support it.  If it were busy they would not close it.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

Heidi's has always had the driest bread in town.  It's bad, bad, bad.  But does Highland really need another food joint?  No. Put in the eyeglass shop.

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