Historian's Ale House will pour beer on Broadway

Lori Midson
The action on Broadway just keeps heating up. Punch Bowl Social - Food and Drink opened last week, El Diablo has unleashed its holiday light display, which is absolutely worth checking out, and just down the block, Historian's Ale House, a joint from Denver Pub Venture 1, a company that filed its LLC in Texas five years ago, is opening at 24 Broadway, on the same block as Spicy Basil, the Walnut Room and Go Fish.

But before it can start pouring ales, the owners have to appear at the Wellington Webb building, 201 West Colfax Avenue, on December 12 at 9 a.m., to get approval for their liquor license.

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Historians Ale House

24 Broadway, Denver, CO

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Mantonat topcommenter

To save everyone the trouble, I'll go ahead and get all the standard complaints out of the way at once:

- There are already too many breweries! Nano-breweries are so over!

- This will just add to the parking nightmare in this neighborhood!

- There are already too many liquor licenses on this stretch of Broadway!

- Good, the hipsters can have their stupid hipster neighborhood and stupid hipster beers!

- Texas? Really? (OK, this one's mine).

Truthfully, we can't have enough breweries until we can all walk to a brewery and bring home a growler, or hang out and drink a few before walking home. Nobody complains when a 6-pack of Bud Light or a Big Mac is available within walking distance of virtually every home in the US, but god forbid someone opens another brewery.


@Mantonat It is a pub not a brewery. A bar that serves beer is not automatically a brewery. To classified as a Brewery you must make beer actually. You are welcome for the lesson.

Mantonat topcommenter

@mfine817 @Mantonat Ah, you are correct. In my haste to appear clever, I imagined the word brewery. So, strike my first bullet point and double up on the others.


@Mantonat there are churches and banks that don't need their parking lots all the time; we'll see if it works

Mantonat topcommenter

@sporobolus @Mantonat Interesting, but where are planning on putting 300 cars in that neighborhood? Are they building a parking garage? Probably what they mean is that you pull up and some guy parks your car in the neighborhood you would have parked it in on your own.


@Mantonat strike another bullet point: the applicant has pledged to provide 300 spaces of free valet parking 

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