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Best Eater on Twitter : Sarah Gore
Foodnik-around-town Sarah Gore has that tweet thing down to a super-savvy science, keystroking 140 characters multiple times a day. With 20,406 tweets to her name, she's a restaurant cheerleader, a chef's dream customer, a consumer advocate of manners and etiquette, an in-the-know writer, and a go-to source for insider gossip. Even better, she almost always posts a food-porn photo (or two) to go with her words. And while tweeting isn't her day job, she always manages to find the time to re-tweet the restaurant world's most salient stories, and she's not shy about dispensing kudos to her growing legion of followers.

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Best Food Truck on Twitter: Comida
Renowned for its flavor-bombed street tacos, Tina Comida, the neon-pink food truck that motors around Boulder (and now Denver), has 2,267 faithful followers, and the consortium of loyalists can't get enough of her irreverent tweets. To wit: "29 folks from the local chapter of the Corvette Club just rolled up for brunch. That's a whole lot of VROOOOM!" Mixed in with the whoopee are location tweets, the occasional thought for the day from the family dog, and plenty of appreciative shout-outs to Tina's taco fiends. 

Best Bartender on Social Media: Kevin Burke
There's no question that Colt & Gray bartender Kevin Burke knows an insane amount about spirits, beer, wine and cocktails, but the guy also isn't afraid to tell you that he's drinking Crooked Stave out of a red Solo cup or that he left his pants, coffee and water at home. While he'll occasionally toss out a few of his recipes on the Twitter-verse, he'll also unload humorous observations like "Most people would be surprised to know that yes indeed, wine corks smell like cork."

Best Food App: Forkly
Launched in August of last year, Denver-based Forkly's app concept is essentially sharing your tastes and discovering new ones. It's streamlined to quickly find restaurants close by and see other users' photos and their ratings. While you can quickly find a dish, you can also mark dishes to save for future visits -- sort of like a bookmark for your food, notes co-creator Brady Becker. Thanks to a recent update, the app's built-in camera function works well in low light and makes it easier to share on your Facebook timeline.

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