Pete's Satire Lounge celebrates its fiftieth anniversary tomorrow -- and you could win a gift card

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All photos by Elyse Mitchell.
Update: Congrats to KDBryan! For your story, you've won a $20 gift card to Pete's restaurants.

Original post: Pete's Satire Restaurant & Lounge, 1920 East Colfax Avenue, turns fifty this weekend -- an impressive tenure, especially considering it's been under the same ownership that entire time. The six-restaurant, family-owned Pete's chain got its start at the Satire, where Mexican fare and stiff drinks have satiated patrons in need of refuge from the insanity of East Colfax.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Satire is serving up a free buffet from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m. tomorrow, and all day today artist Patrick McGregor has been autographing the building with a mural thanking the city of Denver for its half-century of support. Continue reading for more photos -- and instructions on how to win a $20 gift card to any Pete's restaurant.

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"It's our 'thank you' to the city," explains Liz Contos, Pete's wife for more than fifty years. "It's difficult to survive in this business, and we feel very blessed. It can be hard on your family and your spouse, but we joke that Pete's restaurants are like his children. He cares a lot about them -- and the Satire Lounge will always be his baby."

And this baby's party is continuing for a month, with happy hour deals including $1.25 draft beer, $2.75 well drinks, $1.50 tacos, $4 nachos and burritos. Call the lounge at 303-322-2227 for more information.

For your chance to win a $20 gift card good at any Pete's location:
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2. Sign in to our commenting system, Livefyre, and leave a comment below telling us why you should win, along with a valid e-mail address, and share your favorite memory from any Pete's location. Then check back Monday morning to see if you've won.

In the meantime, continue reading for more photos of the new mural.





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Oops forgot to include my email --


Hi I feel embarrassed to say since I've basically lived here all my life, I have never come into eat at Pete's Satire, so I am one long over due customer to try out your Mexican food. I frequent Pete's Greek Town for  great Greek food. 

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Used to live just around the corner so it was an easy stop for a Mexican food (if you can call it that) fix.  Obviously, this is not "authentic" Mexican food since the owner is Greek and all of his other restaurants are Greek BUT I always found the food to tasty after a pitcher or two of their killer blue margaritas.  Loved this one quirky waiter who was there for years - if you were here back in they day you know "This plate is HOT".


My favorite Satire Lounge memory is having a really terrible day - dumped by my girlfriend the weekend before and recently fired by my job as well, with no money to pay the bills. My friend James swung by my place unexpectedly and took me out to eat at the closest Mexican joint we could find - Pete's Satire Lounge. Their delicious baked Chile Rellenos, beer and the company of a good friend all made a bad week a helluva lot better.

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